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This is a page about wings places in Huntsville, and how the wings compare to each other

Local Wings Places

  • Annaheim Chilli - Huntsville, Jones Valley (Mostly Chili, known to have good spicey wings made with home grown spices)
  • Brick House
  • Beauregard's - Huntsville, various locations
  • Crickets - Madison
  • Humphries - Smoked then Fried Wings
  • New Orleans Lunchbox
  • Shark's - North Memorial Pkwy
  • Tenders
    • Research Park
    • Madison, Madison Blvd
  • Third Base Grill - reported to have meaty wings
  • Below the Radar

Chain Wings Places

  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Hooters
  • Jeffersons (Alabama Based Chain)
  • Wings 2 Go
  • Wingz
  • Baumhower's

Smoked Wings

  • Humphries - Smoked then fried wings
  • Moe's BBQ
  • Tender's
  • Tim's Cajun Kitchen

Spicy Wings

This table is meant to compare different vendor's sauces to each other. For example, heat wise, Beureagard's "Extra Hot" wings are comparable to Wings2Go's "X-Hot" wings. Tender's "hot" wings are comparable to Beuregards' "Mild" wing.

This table is subjective unless a Scoville Rating is supplied.

Heat Comparison
Beauregaurds Wings 2 Go Tenders Buffalo Wild Wings Baumhowers Crickets End Zone
Mild Mild Hot Mild Mild Mild -
Hot Hot - Medium Hot - Hot
Extra Hot X-Hot - Hot Extra Hot Extra Hot -
Habanero N/A N/A Mango Habanero or Wild 911 Habanero -
N/A N/A N/A Blazin' Bring Da Pain N/A -

I highly recommend this table as another scoring review site:

Mass Comparison

Sizes: Scrawney, Small, Just Right, Meaty, Really Meaty

  • Beauregards range between Scrawney and Small
  • End Zone: Meaty
  • Moe's BBQ: Really Meaty
  • Wings2Go: Just Right
  • Baumhowers: Just Right
  • Humphries: Really Meaty

Wing Specials

See Weekly Food Specials.