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Huntsville has a lot of unique pizza places, as well as your typical chain restaurants (Mellow Mushroom, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and Dominos). We also have a very good selection of mom and pop pizza places, listed below.

Article on Gluten Free Pizza in Huntsville (src1)

Local Pizza Places

  • Big Ed's - University and Memorial Parkway
  • Famous Joe's Pizza - Madison, County Line Road
  • Pan e Vino - Downtown in Big Spring Park attached to the Huntsville Art Center
  • The Pizzeria - Bailey Cove in South Huntsville
  • Sam and Greg's - Downtown
    • New location coming to Madison on Hughes next to the Kroger
  • Sunrise Pizza Cafe - in the shopping center on the northwest corner of University and Slaughter
  • Tortora's (Hampton Cove) - Acclaimed to have the best pizza in the Huntsville area.
  • Venice Pizza - Research Park

Specialty Pizzas

  • Sam and Greg's (Offers Gluten Free using Mason Dixon's Pizza Crust (src1))
  • The Boot (Offers Gluten Free using Mason Dixon's Pizza Crust (src1))
  • Pane e Vino


  • Pielogy (Offers Gluten Free (src1))
  • Mellow Mushroom (Both in Jones Valley and Providence) (Offers Gluten Free (src1))

Legacy Pizza Places

  • Terry's pizza was once a favorite establishment of Huntsville, but closed a few years ago. Their recipe was purchased by Star Market, and you can still get a Terry's pizza freshly baked from the Star Market in 5-Points. You can also take home a ready-to-bake Terry's pizza at from any of their locations.
  • Tommy's Pizza was once located in Bridge Street Town Center