Interesting Facts About Huntsville

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This page contains interesting facts about Huntsville, whether historical or current day.


Historical contributions are always welcome on the Rocket City Wiki. Please consider adding your contribution to the Wikipedia page for Huntsville, AL as well.

Huntsville in the National News

Celebrity Related

This section should contain interesting facts about celebreties and their interactions with Huntsville, AL.

Huntsville Startups

Article on Subject: Reddit Article

  • Adtran
  • Daily Burn got started here (originally known as Gymonee) (Source)
  • DealNews
  • Huntsville is the home of the PBX telephony business Digium
  • Dynetics
  • Intergraph
  • Hudson Alpha
  • The chain Steakout started in Huntsville in 1986 src

Startup Incubators