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Page for links to other pages about unique food opportunities in Huntsville.

Huntsville Food Blogs


Specialty Grocery Stores

  • Asian Markets
  • Indian Grocery Stores
  • Farmers Markets
  • Fresh Seafood
    • Thanh Hung Asian Market on Madison Blvd (behind Golden Rule BBQ)
    • AJ Seafood on Carl T makes weekly runs to the gulf coast for their store. Apparently amazing crab legs
  • Middle Eastern Food
    • Jamos International Middle Eastern Grocery (504 Jordan Lane)
  • Sushi grade fish
    • Daniel's Seafood Market
    • There is an oriental market I have been to a few times in Madison (behind Golden Rule BBQ on Madison Blvd) that sells frozen Tuna that is quite good.
    • A&V Seafood on Cecil Ashburn
      • They bring in fresh gulf fish once a week
    • Additional Conversations 2018

Food Pages

All Local Food Places is under development and currently contains information about Chain restaurants.

Dining Experiences