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Tapas Restaurants

  • Brix.
  • Don't you wish there was another entry here? sux2bu.

Best Appetizers In Huntsville

Alongside tapas there is also the concept of a progressive dinner, where you and your dining companion go to 2+ restaurants, order an appetizer and a cocktail, and then move on to the next place. It's a great way to sample different places, and leave room for that dessert you're always meaning to get but are never hungry enough for.

Here is a Huntsville Reddit article on The Best Appetizers in Huntsville

  • lamb Lollipops, Bacon Wrapped Scallops, and more ~ D&L Bistro
  • Fried Mushrooms ~ Pie in the Sky
  • Goulash Fries ~ Hildegard's Biergarten (on 72)
  • (1)Spicy Nachos and (2)Parmesan Asparagus ~ Stem & Stein
  • The "squeaky cheese" fried Cheese Curds ~ Humphries.
  • spring rolls ~ Thai garden
  • a2 shrimp roll or a11 BBQ pork roll ~ Viethong
  • avocado nachos ~ Buena Vista
  • Escargot ~ Old Heidelberg
  • Queso Dip with Chorizo ~ Just about any TexMex Place
  • Bang Bang Shrimp ~ Bonefish
  • Cheesy Fries ~ Baumhowers
  • Gyoza ~ Miyako
  • Texas Spring Roll ~ Anaheim Chili
  • Fried Green Tomatoes ~ Cotton Row
  • Who Dats, Fried Green Tomatoes smothered in melted shredded cheese, with a fried shrimp or oyster on top, and then topped with some etouffee ~ PoBoyFactory (Weekends Only)
  • Fried pickles ~ Beauregard's and/or Baumhower's.
  • Fiesty Feta ~ Big Papa Gyros
  • Smoked Hot Wings ~ Tim's Cajun Kitchen
  • Any Appetizer from Mesa Luna: http://mezzalunahuntsville.com/menu.swf