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Specialty Sandwiches

  • Happy Tummy - Lowe Mill
  • The Peppered Pig - Food Truck on South Memorial Parkway
  • Sandwich Farm - Uptown
  • Supper Heroes - Winchester Road
    • Super Hero themed restaurant

Deli Sandwiches

  • Dallas Mill Deli - Huntsville, Pratt near Washington
  • Stanlio's
    • Jordan & Holmes
    • Governor's near the library


  • Emma's Tea Room - 5 Points

BBQ Sandwiches

  • Any Brisket sandwich at Chuck Wagon in Madison. "The Chuck Wagon" is not on the menu, but it's beef brisket and spicy sausage.
  • The BBQ Brisket and Fresh Jalapeno sandwich at New Orleans Lunchbox. (With side and a drink it's about $11, so kinda pricey, but damn good.)


  • Source: Reddit Conversations
  • Below The Radar
  • Dolce Pan
  • Happy Tummy's Infidel, same ingredients, but more pork
  • I love Bacon
  • Edith Ann's (may need to call and see if it's still on the menu)

Culture Specific

  • Po Boy Factory - 5 Points
  • Viet Cuisine (banh mi) - Jordan Lane
  • New Orleans Lunch Box ~ Specifically the Hot Roast Beef Sandwich
    • I've ordered this New Orleans styled sandwich in the past from other places and got canned gravy (who does this?) slothered on some cold roast beef coldcuts from walmart. I had to burn their establishment to the ground. Not this place. One of the bites of my sandwich had an entire clove of garlic in it from when they slow roasted the bastard. You want this sandwhich "dressed" which is Louisiana for "lettuce, tomato, mayo, and sometimes pickles." Also the sandwich was served on french bread, as it should be.
    • You're going to see a shrimp poboy on the menu. Be forewarned, it's not fried shrimp.
  • Torta at El Palamino (Jordan Lane). Comes with avacado, home made chorizo, or other good mexican meats.

Non-Sandwhich Places

  • The Boot Pizzaria - South Memorial Pwky, past Weatherly going south.
    • This is not a sandwhich place, but has an amazing sandwhich on their menu. The sandwhich is either called "The Big Ed" or "The Guido" (different names on different menu versions they've printed). Sandwhch Description: "Provolone cheese between homemade foccacia bread and grilled fresh cut pork belly, corned beef topped with arugula, spicey chipotle mayo, served with fresh cut french fries."

The Fallen

  • Brewbakers (Madison) has closed