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California Mexican

  • Fiero (Chain, outside Gate 9, Research Park)
  • Salsarita
  • Moe's (Chain)
  • Chipolte (Chain)
  • Burritos 2 Go - Madison, Hwy 72


  • Bandito Burrito - Governors Drive
  • Blue Pants Brewery has a Taco Tuesday special every week. The Fire & Spice food truck is always out there, usually with pork belly tacos, and pints are half price in the taproom. ~ (src1) (src2)
  • Straight to Ale @ Campus 805 has signature tacos
  • Viet Cuisine has vietnamese tacos
  • Fire and Spice (Brick and Morter) on south memorial parkway has specialty tacos ($$)

Tex-Mex (Standard)

  • La Alemeda - Jordan Lane
  • La Placita
  • Las Parillas - Jordan Lane, has a Mexican Buffet
  • Casa Blanca - Several Locations

Tex-Mex (Yuppie)

  • Rosie's
  • Phil Sandovals
  • Los Trojas (West Madison)
  • Los Trojas (Researh Park Blvd)
  • Buenavista (West Madison)

Authentic Mexican

  • Taqueria La Colonial (Inside Supermarcado La Colonial)
    • Supermarcado La Colonial.png
  • El Palomino
    • Tucked in a shopping center on Jordan lane near the Kangaroo gas station.
  • El Cazador
    • Drake and Triana
    • Huntsville, South Parkway;
    • Food truck on Governors west of I-565
    • 72 and County Line
    • Their gigantic burrito is awesome
  • Las Morelenses (Near Drake and Triana, just past El Cazador)

Fancy A$$ Mexican

  • Cantina Laredo