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  • I <3 Sushi
  • Shinseagae (Korean Ramen)
  • Sun Cafe
  • Big O's (Korean Ramen)
    • Their ramen is delicious, but if you don't watch them like a hawk they'll dump shredded cheese in it at the last second. It's apparently very popular right now so they assume you want it.
  • Yoshi Sushi Fusion has both Curry and Tonkotsu Ramen on their menu. src


  • Bento Box - Madison, Hughes Road
  • Club Rush downtown has Sushi
  • Edo - Madison, Madison Boulevard
  • Hibachi Express - University Location, and North Memorial Parkway
  • I <3 Shushi
    • Jones Valley Location
    • West Madison past county line road
  • Miyako
  • Panda (Chinese Food and Sushi) - shopping center on the corner of Whitesburg and Airport
  • Redfish (Bento and Sushi) - Next to Windmill Beverages on Wall-Triana\Sullivan
  • Sakura - Madison, County Line Road
  • The Scene has Sushi - inside the Monoco Theatre, Bridge Street Town Center
  • Shogun
  • Surin of Thailand
    • Their Kaboom Roll is a fried shrimp roll drowned in green curry, unique fusion of japanese and thai
  • Sun Cafe

The Fallen

  • Mikawa - Closed as of 3.29.14. RIP.



  • Tokyo
  • Shogun