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This page contains information about places to Drink, Smoke, and Vape in Huntsville.

DIY Brewing

Entertainment Districts

Areas where you can sauce it up outside without the five o making you pay your freedom tax

Local Breweries

Artlce About Local Craft Beer Scene in Huntsville

  • Blue Pants
  • Brew Stooges
  • Rocket Republic
  • Salty Nut
  • Straight to Ale
  • Yellowhammer

Bars and Clubs

Huntsville Beer Map (src)

Biergarten \ Beer Gardens

What is a Beer Garden? Beer Gardens in Huntsville are not as epic as other ones around the world, but they do strive to provide a nice outdoor seating arrangement where people can gather and drink some of their favorite brews.

Tap Rooms

Gay Clubs

  • Convergence
  • That place behind End Zone near memorial and Pratt

Wine Bars

Reddit Post About Wine Bars

  • Church Street Wine Shoppe - Same building as The Eaves on Church Street in... downtown? uptown? WHAT IS UPTOWN? Is Uptown MORE than the Lumberyard? God thinking about this just gets me so pissed off. Now I need a class of wine.
  • Stem & Stein ~ Madison \ County Line Road
  • Cork and Crust ~ Madison

Non-Smoking Establishments

  • Amendment XXI
  • The Nook
  • Stem and Stein - Madison, County Line
  • Voodoo Lounge - went non smoking on 1/1/2014. You can buy vaporizers at the bar, and there is an analog smokers outpost out back.
  • Humphrey's Bar & Grill

Vaping Not Allowed

Smoking Establishments

  • Convergence (gay dive)
  • The End Zone (sports dive)
  • Lisa's Lounge (dive)
  • maggie myers (Irish pub)
  • Moody Mondays (dive)
  • Rugbys (sports dive)
  • Sip (high end cocktail lounge, cigars only)
  • Thirsty Turtle (sports dive)



  • Jamos Cafe on Jordan Lane will let you rent Hookas and sit on their front porch.

Cigar Shops

  • humidor
  • sip