Coffee Shops

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Local Establishments

  • Alchemy Lounge (Lowe Mill)
    • Counter Culture "Third Wave" shop
    • Unique atmosphere
  • Angel's Island (South Memorial)
  • Cafe 153 (Bridgestreet Town Center)
  • Cozy Cow - Downtown
  • Flint River (Winchester Rd, about 16 minutes from Memorial & University)
  • Grounded Coffee (county line rd)
    • Has some really unique glassware that's either used to make meth or brew and amazing cup of coffee. I'm guessing coffee.
    • Has Board game nights on Fridays
  • Honest Coffee (downtown across from UG White \ Pints and Pixels)
  • Java Beans (Public Cafe inside of Digium in Research Park. Open mornings and lunch)
    • You can put in Fred Bread orders and they can be picked up here.
  • Olde Towne Coffee - 5 Points
    • Technically owned by Community Coffee, but they have kept the traditional style of Olde Town
  • Pizzele's Choclateria - Lowe Mill
    • Limited seating inside seating, a couple of public tables outside. Specialty is thick hot chocholate, but they do carry KaffeeKlatch (local coffee provider) Coffee.
  • Roosters Crow Coffee (South Memorial)
  • Southbrew Coffee - Madison

Drive Through Only

Hampton Cove

  • Village Cafe in Hampton Cove


  • Starbucks
  • Community Coffee - Madison, Hwy 72


  • Kaffeeklatch
  • Cafe 153
    • Madison, Hughes next to Kroger
    • Bridgestreet Town Center
  • Clover Coffee (delivery only)

Chicory Coffee

So you're from New Orleans! Go to the Asian markets. Many Asians prefer their coffee a bit more bitter than the typical North American. The Asian markets in Huntsville usually carry Cafe du Monde or a similar knockoff. Community Coffee with Chicory is harder to find locally, I've seen it in publix once.

The Fallen

  • A Cup of Everything (downtown) has closed