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Welcome to UAH's Underground

This page is dedicated to the creation of a taboo Minecraft server to unite either UAH or the lesser Huntsville area.

CTAG (Christopher Bero) will spearhead the operation provided he is aided by, erm, you.

Team Name

I've tentatively named the project ChargerCraft. This may backfire in the event UAH claims we're stepping on toes. In which case we resort to naming the project UAHUNTSVILLESUCKSCRAFT. Agreed? Good.

But really, we need a name, and if you have a suggestion, get in contact with me (contact info is on my user page, linked above). I'll either purchase a domain name, or create an official club and get a subdomain.


You want to help? Well I'll be darned, go right ahead.

Since UAH has failed to provide us with a creative, maleable design space, we'll be hosting our research and organization on RocketCityWiki for now. Create an account, and then let me know who you are, or I'm liable to roll back your changes. Make sure to use the Discussion page appropriately.

Live Testing Server


Port: 55561


While we construct this golden age of telemetric gameplay, access will be restricted to core developers.

This includes:

  • BigBubbaX (ctag, Christopher Bero)
  • penguinpowered
  • DanielNevski
  • JaredMcArthur (no clue who's this is)
  • PoatFace
  • averageowl
  • JAB_the_Nerd
  • thedrmmr52

Minecraft Worlds

Right now we're just going to be screwing around with world builds, don't build anything you don't want to lose.

I want to work towards having one permenant world, city based, that will be divided among players to create indidual homes. Possibly portal based, not sure. Then we need one testing world, which regenerates every so often. And challenge worlds, in case we incorporate with SRES down the road.

Also kicking around the idea of having private virtual worlds that UAH students can instantiate to bring 3rd party friends to. Other that these, the worlds will be whitelisted to UAH + whoever we want.

Server Software

We need a consise and direct software solution. I'm unwilling to jack around with the testing and alpha builds of Minecraft, and migrating between versions needs to be as streamlined and formulaic as possible.

I'm currently looking into server management tools, we'll just have to test a variety, unless someone reccomends one to me.


Bukkit is dead. The project had some twisted things happen that pushed off most of the developers (read the link), and resulted in a large amount of code being DCMA'ed, which decimates much of Bukkit's future. Now we know.

Management Software

My first goal for setting up the server is selecting a management tool. I'm looking for something with the features I want (whatever they are), a librish license, and solid version support.

Current items for review:

  • Multicraft
    • Costs 30 pounds
  • McMyAdmin2
    • Costs 10 pounds
    • Beautiful interface
  • emsm
    • Free!
    • CLi interface
    • Installs OK, but when I start the server, it's not accessible.

I created one virtual machine per program, each machine shares the same base ports and IP address. All will be tested live in the coming days/weeks.


Let me know if you'd like to install a mod pack. I'll... take it into consideration.

Server Hardware

The minecraft server is currently running on an overclocked and water cooled Commodore-64. Future upgrades are set in place given Ctag's plan for global domination continues according to plan.


Let me know if you want SSH access. While we get things rolling I'll consider setting you up a personal server to play on, where you can demonstrate an idea or tool to me in real time.