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This page contains information pertaining to Billiards in Huntsville.


Unreviewed Tables

  • Midpoint Coffee (next to Pho 89, Wish You Were Beer, etc). Very small hall, only pool tables, no coffee tables. Suspect Asian style coffee.

Good Tables

  • Bumpers - flat fee for the evening rather than pay-per-game, quality tables with above average felt, and a good selection of cues. Unless it's a weeknight (Wednesdays are particularly bad), you will most likely not have to wait for a table. It's a pool hall rather than a bar; the service, air quality, and bar food leave much to be desired, but the tables are level, the felt is well maintained, and the crowd is not rowdy.
  • Chips and Salsa - flat fee for the evening rather than pay-per-game, quality tables, and a decent selection of cues. It is not usually crowded, but the sparse crowd is mostly due to the far SE location being inconvenient to most of Hunstville. The service and air quality are the same as the other pool halls, but there is a decent selection of edible food and the crowd is safe.
  • Steve's Billiards & Lounge - pay per game or pay per hour, quality tables, and decent house cues on the corner of Bob Wallace and Memorial. The crowd is about average; you will probably not have to wait for a table. The location is more convenient than Chips and the food is actually pretty good for bar food. The tables are not as spread out as some of the other locations and so space can become an issue with large crowds. The crowd is marginally more country than Bumpers or Chips depending on the evening.
  • Diamonds Sports Bar - far south on memorial, pay per game, and average house cues. The tables are level and the felt is well maintained. There are a few tables, and there is not usually a wait (like the others on this list, week days can get crowded). There is a large bar and lounge area with comfortable seating, and the drink and food selection is typical for a bar. The air quality is especially poor due to the poor ventilation.

Average Tables

Bad Tables

  • Benchwarmer Too As of the January 2014 shooting (firearms, not pool) the Benchwarmer's availability for new business is unknown. The tables are not level and the felt has been corroded by the collection of unknown substances from years passed, but a few of the house cues, though warped, still have tips. From a health and wellness standpoint, the danger presented by the state of the bathrooms is second only to the inherent danger of spending an extended period of time in the parking lot. It is unknown as to whether food is available, but the build up of sludge on the interior of the pitchers might be indicitive of a lack of attention towards proper kitchen and/or bar maintenance. The phone-captured video of the aforementioned 2014 shooting shows the layout of the pool tables and the typical patronage of the establishment.


  • Ronnie Raygun's at Campus 805 1
  • Wings to Go in Madison. 1
  • 6 Pockets (Decatur) has non-smoking 1


  • Shooters
  • Olivia's is now Maggie Meyer's, and no longer has pool tables