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  • Chuck Wagon - Madison near I-565
    • Reddit reviews say this place has the best beef brisket in town. src
  • Gibson's BBQ - Various Locations
    • This is a local favorite, but rumor is the bbq recipe they win awards for is not the one they serve to their diners.
  • Granville's - Oakwood and Meridian (Closed for Fire Damage Repairs. Still closed as of 2017.12.13)
    • Will serve burnt ends if you ask for them.
  • Greenbriar BBQ
  • Lawlers (Chain in the Tennessee Valley) - Various Locations
  • Melvins ~ Off the beaten track, but close to where Clinton and Memorial Pkwy intersect
    • CASH ONLY, $13 a plate, comes with a water.
  • PB's BBQ. There's a traveling food truck, and a place on Jordan Lane. Their brisket, IMHO, is a close runner up to Chuck Wagon's.
  • Ted's BBQ
    • 5 Points
    • Research Park

Gas Station BBQ

Don't knock it till you try it.

  • Texaco @ Corner of Wall-Triana and Madison Blvd (Madison)
  • Corner of Plumber and Jordan lane (ribs sell out fast, but their pulled pork is damned good too)


  • Dreamland (Alabama Chain)
  • Jim N Nicks
  • Moe's BBQ
  • Dickey's