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This page sucks in all the information from the individial wiki pages listed at Food.

  • Big Spring Cafe - Burger cafe on Governer's Drive
  • Blue Plate Cafe - Huntsville, Governor's Drive at Triana Blvd.
  • Mullins


Standard Fare

Seating Available

  • China House - Old Madison Pike
  • China Taste - Bob Wallace and
  • Golden Star - next to Granville BBQ on Oakwood/Meridian
  • Great Panda - Whitesburg across from Burger King


  • New China - Madison Blvd Walmart
  • Panda - shopping center on the corner of Whitesburg and Airport

Takeout Only

  • Oriental Express, it's next to the University Wal-Mart

Delivery Available

  • New China - Madison Blvd Walmart

Buffet Available

  • 88 Buffet - University near Panda Express \ NBN \ Old Hieldelburg
  • China Buffet - Madison Blvd near Old Time Pottery
  • New China Buffet - Jordan Lane
  • Tai Pan - Madison Blvd near I-565

Chinese Upscale Dining

  • Four Leaves
  • Fulin's (Tennessee Valley Chain) - by the Target in Madison
  • Sun Cafe ( Chinese, Japanese, Sushi )
  • Tai Pan - Madison Blvd, near I-565


  • Saffron - Madison, County Line Road
  • Sitar - Jordan Lane
  • India Cafe - Airport Road

Grocery Stores \ Markets

  • Spice Market - Madison, Madison Blvd


  • I <3 Sushi
  • Shinseagae (Korean Ramen)
  • Sun Cafe
  • Big O's (Korean Ramen)
    • Their ramen is delicious, but if you don't watch them like a hawk they'll dump shredded cheese in it at the last second. It's apparently very popular right now so they assume you want it.
  • Yoshi Sushi Fusion has both Curry and Tonkotsu Ramen on their menu. src


  • Bento Box - Madison, Hughes Road
  • Club Rush downtown has Sushi
  • Edo - Madison, Madison Boulevard
  • Hibachi Express - University Location, and North Memorial Parkway
  • I <3 Shushi
    • Jones Valley Location
    • West Madison past county line road
  • Miyako
  • Panda (Chinese Food and Sushi) - shopping center on the corner of Whitesburg and Airport
  • Redfish (Bento and Sushi) - Next to Windmill Beverages on Wall-Triana\Sullivan
  • Sakura - Madison, County Line Road
  • The Scene has Sushi - inside the Monoco Theatre, Bridge Street Town Center
  • Shogun
  • Surin of Thailand
    • Their Kaboom Roll is a fried shrimp roll drowned in green curry, unique fusion of japanese and thai
  • Sun Cafe

The Fallen

  • Mikawa - Closed as of 3.29.14. RIP.



  • Tokyo
  • Shogun
  • Garam - Jordan Lane
  • I <3 Korea - Jordan Lane
  • Little Diner (Korean/American)- Huntsville, Jordan Lane across from Chuck e Cheese
  • Shinsegae - Jordan Lane

The Fallen


  • Viet Sandwich - It's Bubble Tea and sandwiches are now offered at Viet Cuisine on Jordan Lane.
  • Thai Garden - Huntsville, Five Points
  • Surin of Thailand - Airport Road
  • Phuket - Providence Area

Permanantly Closed

  • Suree of Madison - Off 72
  • Chuck Wagon - Madison near I-565
    • Reddit reviews say this place has the best beef brisket in town. src
  • Gibson's BBQ - Various Locations
    • This is a local favorite, but rumor is the bbq recipe they win awards for is not the one they serve to their diners.
  • Granville's - Oakwood and Meridian (Closed for Fire Damage Repairs. Still closed as of 2017.12.13)
    • Will serve burnt ends if you ask for them.
  • Greenbriar BBQ
  • Lawlers (Chain in the Tennessee Valley) - Various Locations
  • Melvins ~ Off the beaten track, but close to where Clinton and Memorial Pkwy intersect
    • CASH ONLY, $13 a plate, comes with a water.
  • PB's BBQ. There's a traveling food truck, and a place on Jordan Lane. Their brisket, IMHO, is a close runner up to Chuck Wagon's.
  • Ted's BBQ
    • 5 Points
    • Research Park

Gas Station BBQ

Don't knock it till you try it.

  • Texaco @ Corner of Wall-Triana and Madison Blvd (Madison)
  • Corner of Plumber and Jordan lane (ribs sell out fast, but their pulled pork is damned good too)


  • Dreamland (Alabama Chain)
  • Jim N Nicks
  • Moe's BBQ
  • Dickey's


  • Einstein Bagels are available at Target
  • Brueggers Bagels is another chain in the area.


  • Cyn Shea's
  • Edgar's Bakery
  • Grounded Coffee in Madison
    • Quiche on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. (Wednesday’s Quiche has a hash brown crust)
  • Main Street Cafe (Madison)
  • Mason Dixon
  • Table in the Garden (Botanical Garden)


  • Blue Plate Cafe - Governor's Drive
  • Sunny Side Cafe


  • 1892 East (Ref:1)
  • Another Broken Egg - Jones Valley
  • Below the Radar (Ref:1)
  • Brasserie Juno
  • Brix
    • Every Saturday starting March 1st, 2014 Brix will serve a Brunch Menu 11am- 4:30pm.
    • Mimosa & Bloody Mary Bar - Beignets - Healthy Bar - Brunch Menu
  • Commerce Kitchen (Ref:1)
  • Grille 29 (Ref:1)
    • $0.29 from 10am-11am
  • Humphries (Saturday Only) (Ref:1)
  • The Eaves - Near Downtown (Ref:1)
  • Mezza Luna - Jones Valley (Ref:1)
    • $2 Mimosas
  • The Office Break Room (Ref:1)
    • Bottomless Mimosas
  • The Original Public House (Ref:1)
  • Sandwhich Farm \ Three Skillets - Uptown (next to Lone Goose Saloon) (Ref:1)
  • Shea's Express (Ref:1)
  • West End Grille (Ref:1)


  • Brueggers
  • Dunkin Doughnuts - Warning: Bagels come unsliced unless you ask. Also check to make sure they put in the creamcheese, I asked if they had, they told me they had, they hadn't.
    • Style: Soft Chewy
  • Panera

Content Sources and Conversations

Permanently Closed

Local Establishments

  • Alchemy Lounge (Lowe Mill)
    • Counter Culture "Third Wave" shop
    • Unique atmosphere
  • Angel's Island (South Memorial)
  • Cafe 153 (Bridgestreet Town Center)
  • Cozy Cow - Downtown
  • Flint River (Winchester Rd, about 16 minutes from Memorial & University)
  • Grounded Coffee (county line rd)
    • Has some really unique glassware that's either used to make meth or brew and amazing cup of coffee. I'm guessing coffee.
    • Has Board game nights on Fridays
  • Honest Coffee (downtown across from UG White \ Pints and Pixels)
  • Java Beans (Public Cafe inside of Digium in Research Park. Open mornings and lunch)
    • You can put in Fred Bread orders and they can be picked up here.
  • Olde Towne Coffee - 5 Points
    • Technically owned by Community Coffee, but they have kept the traditional style of Olde Town
  • Pizzele's Choclateria - Lowe Mill
    • Limited seating inside seating, a couple of public tables outside. Specialty is thick hot chocholate, but they do carry KaffeeKlatch (local coffee provider) Coffee.
  • Roosters Crow Coffee (South Memorial)
  • Southbrew Coffee - Madison

Drive Through Only

Hampton Cove

  • Village Cafe in Hampton Cove


  • Starbucks
  • Community Coffee - Madison, Hwy 72


  • Kaffeeklatch
  • Cafe 153
    • Madison, Hughes next to Kroger
    • Bridgestreet Town Center
  • Clover Coffee (delivery only)

Chicory Coffee

So you're from New Orleans! Go to the Asian markets. Many Asians prefer their coffee a bit more bitter than the typical North American. The Asian markets in Huntsville usually carry Cafe du Monde or a similar knockoff. Community Coffee with Chicory is harder to find locally, I've seen it in publix once.

The Fallen

  • A Cup of Everything (downtown) has closed
  • 1892 East - Huntsville, Five Points
  • Brix - Airport Road. Features Tapas \ Smallplates
  • Cotton Row Restaurant - Huntsville, downtown/Twickenham?
  • Commerce Kitchen - Huntsville, downtown/Twickenham?
  • The Bottle - Downtown
  • D&L Bistro - South Memorial Parkway
  • Grille 29 - Providence
  • The Eaves - Near Downtown and Uptown


  • Connor's Steak and Seafood - Bridge Street Town Center

Real Time Trackers

Articles About Food Trucks

Food Truck Courts

  • Redstone Arsenal - Corner of Rideout Road and Martin.

Food Truck Listing

Price Key:

  • $ = ~$5 - $7
  • $$ = ~$8 - $10
  • $$$ = ~$11 - $15

Dessert \ Coffee \ Drink Food Trucks

Laws Regarding Food Trucks

  • Food trucks can open at 6 a.m. and serve until 2 a.m. Thursday through Sunday. They have to close by 10 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Also, the city is requiring them to park at least 100 feet from the nearest sit-down restaurant. [src]
  • Cummings Research Park is now zoned for food trucks (src)
  • Informative Reddit Comment on the Topic
  • Tenders
  • Po Boy Factory (Not just the seafood. On the weekend, try their Green Platter or the "Who Datz")
  • 5 A's - Hazel Green (way down Jordan Lane)
  • Gyro 21 - Hughes Road
  • Gyro Uno - Madison Blvd
  • Jamos - Jordan Lane
  • Papou's - slightly more upscale, good lunch prices
  • Big Papa Gyros - University next to Chili's
  • Pan e Vino - Downtown, Big Spring Park attatched to Art Center
  • Terra Nova
  • Tony's Italian Deli (Madison, in Trailer Park off Wall Triana)

California Mexican

  • Fiero (Chain, outside Gate 9, Research Park)
  • Salsarita
  • Moe's (Chain)
  • Chipolte (Chain)
  • Burritos 2 Go - Madison, Hwy 72


  • Bandito Burrito - Governors Drive
  • Blue Pants Brewery has a Taco Tuesday special every week. The Fire & Spice food truck is always out there, usually with pork belly tacos, and pints are half price in the taproom. ~ (src1) (src2)
  • Straight to Ale @ Campus 805 has signature tacos
  • Viet Cuisine has vietnamese tacos
  • Fire and Spice (Brick and Morter) on south memorial parkway has specialty tacos ($$)

Tex-Mex (Standard)

  • La Alemeda - Jordan Lane
  • La Placita
  • Las Parillas - Jordan Lane, has a Mexican Buffet
  • Casa Blanca - Several Locations

Tex-Mex (Yuppie)

  • Rosie's
  • Phil Sandovals
  • Los Trojas (West Madison)
  • Los Trojas (Researh Park Blvd)
  • Buenavista (West Madison)

Authentic Mexican

  • Taqueria La Colonial (Inside Supermarcado La Colonial)
    • Supermarcado La Colonial.png
  • El Palomino
    • Tucked in a shopping center on Jordan lane near the Kangaroo gas station.
  • El Cazador
    • Drake and Triana
    • Huntsville, South Parkway;
    • Food truck on Governors west of I-565
    • 72 and County Line
    • Their gigantic burrito is awesome
  • Las Morelenses (Near Drake and Triana, just past El Cazador)

Fancy A$$ Mexican

  • Cantina Laredo


Huntsville has a lot of unique pizza places, as well as your typical chain restaurants (Mellow Mushroom, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and Dominos). We also have a very good selection of mom and pop pizza places, listed below.

Article on Gluten Free Pizza in Huntsville (src1)

Local Pizza Places

  • Big Ed's - University and Memorial Parkway
  • Famous Joe's Pizza - Madison, County Line Road
  • Pan e Vino - Downtown in Big Spring Park attached to the Huntsville Art Center
  • The Pizzeria - Bailey Cove in South Huntsville
  • Sam and Greg's - Downtown
    • New location coming to Madison on Hughes next to the Kroger
  • Sunrise Pizza Cafe - in the shopping center on the northwest corner of University and Slaughter
  • Tortora's (Hampton Cove) - Acclaimed to have the best pizza in the Huntsville area.
  • Venice Pizza - Research Park

Specialty Pizzas

  • Sam and Greg's (Offers Gluten Free using Mason Dixon's Pizza Crust (src1))
  • The Boot (Offers Gluten Free using Mason Dixon's Pizza Crust (src1))
  • Pane e Vino


  • Pielogy (Offers Gluten Free (src1))
  • Mellow Mushroom (Both in Jones Valley and Providence) (Offers Gluten Free (src1))

Legacy Pizza Places

  • Terry's pizza was once a favorite establishment of Huntsville, but closed a few years ago. Their recipe was purchased by Star Market, and you can still get a Terry's pizza freshly baked from the Star Market in 5-Points. You can also take home a ready-to-bake Terry's pizza at from any of their locations.
  • Tommy's Pizza was once located in Bridge Street Town Center

Specialty Sandwiches

  • Happy Tummy - Lowe Mill
  • The Peppered Pig - Food Truck on South Memorial Parkway
  • Sandwich Farm - Uptown
  • Supper Heroes - Winchester Road
    • Super Hero themed restaurant

Deli Sandwiches

  • Dallas Mill Deli - Huntsville, Pratt near Washington
  • Stanlio's
    • Jordan & Holmes
    • Governor's near the library


  • Emma's Tea Room - 5 Points

BBQ Sandwiches

  • Any Brisket sandwich at Chuck Wagon in Madison. "The Chuck Wagon" is not on the menu, but it's beef brisket and spicy sausage.
  • The BBQ Brisket and Fresh Jalapeno sandwich at New Orleans Lunchbox. (With side and a drink it's about $11, so kinda pricey, but damn good.)


  • Source: Reddit Conversations
  • Below The Radar
  • Dolce Pan
  • Happy Tummy's Infidel, same ingredients, but more pork
  • I love Bacon
  • Edith Ann's (may need to call and see if it's still on the menu)

Culture Specific

  • Po Boy Factory - 5 Points
  • Viet Cuisine (banh mi) - Jordan Lane
  • New Orleans Lunch Box ~ Specifically the Hot Roast Beef Sandwich
    • I've ordered this New Orleans styled sandwich in the past from other places and got canned gravy (who does this?) slothered on some cold roast beef coldcuts from walmart. I had to burn their establishment to the ground. Not this place. One of the bites of my sandwich had an entire clove of garlic in it from when they slow roasted the bastard. You want this sandwhich "dressed" which is Louisiana for "lettuce, tomato, mayo, and sometimes pickles." Also the sandwich was served on french bread, as it should be.
    • You're going to see a shrimp poboy on the menu. Be forewarned, it's not fried shrimp.
  • Torta at El Palamino (Jordan Lane). Comes with avacado, home made chorizo, or other good mexican meats.

Non-Sandwhich Places

  • The Boot Pizzaria - South Memorial Pwky, past Weatherly going south.
    • This is not a sandwhich place, but has an amazing sandwhich on their menu. The sandwhich is either called "The Big Ed" or "The Guido" (different names on different menu versions they've printed). Sandwhch Description: "Provolone cheese between homemade foccacia bread and grilled fresh cut pork belly, corned beef topped with arugula, spicey chipotle mayo, served with fresh cut french fries."

The Fallen


This is a page about wings places in Huntsville, and how the wings compare to each other

Local Wings Places

  • Annaheim Chilli - Huntsville, Jones Valley (Mostly Chili, known to have good spicey wings made with home grown spices)
  • Brick House
  • Beauregard's - Huntsville, various locations
  • Crickets - Madison
  • Humphries - Smoked then Fried Wings
  • New Orleans Lunchbox
  • Shark's - North Memorial Pkwy
  • Tenders
    • Research Park
    • Madison, Madison Blvd
  • Third Base Grill - reported to have meaty wings
  • Below the Radar

Chain Wings Places

  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Hooters
  • Jeffersons (Alabama Based Chain)
  • Wings 2 Go
  • Wingz
  • Baumhower's

Smoked Wings

  • Humphries - Smoked then fried wings
  • Moe's BBQ
  • Tender's
  • Tim's Cajun Kitchen

Spicy Wings

This table is meant to compare different vendor's sauces to each other. For example, heat wise, Beureagard's "Extra Hot" wings are comparable to Wings2Go's "X-Hot" wings. Tender's "hot" wings are comparable to Beuregards' "Mild" wing.

This table is subjective unless a Scoville Rating is supplied.

Heat Comparison
Beauregaurds Wings 2 Go Tenders Buffalo Wild Wings Baumhowers Crickets End Zone
Mild Mild Hot Mild Mild Mild -
Hot Hot - Medium Hot - Hot
Extra Hot X-Hot - Hot Extra Hot Extra Hot -
Habanero N/A N/A Mango Habanero or Wild 911 Habanero -
N/A N/A N/A Blazin' Bring Da Pain N/A -

I highly recommend this table as another scoring review site:

Mass Comparison

Sizes: Scrawney, Small, Just Right, Meaty, Really Meaty

  • Beauregards range between Scrawney and Small
  • End Zone: Meaty
  • Moe's BBQ: Really Meaty
  • Wings2Go: Just Right
  • Baumhowers: Just Right
  • Humphries: Really Meaty

Wing Specials

See Weekly Food Specials.